Take the Space
(Touring Theatre Company)

This tiny company punches way above its weight – see them and experience meticulously researched theatre that stimulates, entertains and relies on skill and imagination
— The Public Review

Our Mission

We are an artist led company, formed in 2005 and committed to creating and touring new work of high quality across the whole range of the touring circuit – from small village halls and studio theatres, to midscale arts centres, to the classic proscenium no.1 theatres.

Our name reflects our hope that we are flexible enough to play any space, that we are accessible to all those in our diverse society and most of all that we entertain and inspire our audiences.

The Story so Far

Our first play was Sam & I, the story of the marriage between Elizabeth St Michel and Samuel Pepys. This solo show, written and performed by Siobhán Nicholas and directed by Chris Barnes, had been commissioned for the City of London’s Tercentenary Pepys Festival.

We then got an arts council grant for the production and ....our very first tour. After one of our performances at Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud’s The Mill, the theatre manager, Brian Kirk asked what would be the next one
“ A play about a C17th genius called Robert Hooke” Siobhán said.

Instead of running a mile, Brian became our co producer on Hanging Hooke! He also co produced Dolce Via, our homage to Fellini’s La Strada. Dolce Via was also a small homage to Siobhán’s great great granny from Donegal and to Chris’ misspent youth during which he had spent two seasons working with Barnum and Bailey’s Ringling Brothers Circus!  

Two great women astronomers, Jocelyn Bell Burnell and Caroline Herschel inspired STELLA, a story of women, their men and astronomy whilst two great men of Boxing inspired White Feather Boxer: Barry McGuigan and Muhammad Ali. Both men had been involved in peace movements and in development, we discovered that in the early C20th, there had actually been three Boxers who were also Quakers.

The play became above all a tribute to the extraordinarily brave conscientious objectors of WW1.  

What People say about Us

This tiny company punches way above its weight – see them and experience meticulously researched theatre that stimulates, entertains and relies on skill and imagination” The Public Review
— The public review
Individually they are both remarkable; together, they are a tour de force that sweeps the audience in their wake as they strike, flare up and blaze from one another’s incandescent energy.
— Oxford Daily Info on Dolce Via
This is the most wonderful piece of new writing
I have seen in years.
— Plays International on Hanging Hooke
...this gem of a show...was story telling of the highest order...
— Chichester Observer on Sam & I
...the audience choked on the bared emotions and the wonderment of people seeing deep space for the first time
— The Guardian on “STELLA, a story of women, their men and astronomy

Breaking News:

 We are performing White Feather Boxer  at the Centenary Of The 1918 Armistice which will be held at Sands Films in Rotherhithe, London on 14th November at 19.30pm. Lots of other wonderful events as well btween the 1st and 15th November. Ours will be a theatrical provocation consisting of a performed reading and you! Tell us what you think of the play's dual themes: Pugilism and Pacifism; the most courageous of movements and the bravest of sports
Still in Research and Development for our new play. More of that later - just saying that it is a two hander about Identity




More dates to come on the play's page. 

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