Since Time began, men and women have searched the Heavens to find their place in the world.

Men have walked on the Moon. Women walk the Earth, still searching.

STELLA is a play about TIme and Space; Curiosity and Passion.

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Dolce Via

A Play about Dream Catchers. How do they survive? Meet them on the road: the actors, fire eaters, ventriloquists, musicians, mentalists and magicians...

Be amazed Ladies and Gentlemen as two Vaudevillians enter the Burlesque in the most turbulent show of their lives. 

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Hanging Hooke

He provoked intense loyalty, controversy, jealousy and hatred. A genius of the 17th century: Architect, Engineer, Chemist, Horologist, Physicist, Astronomer, Painter, even Musician. His recently unearthed manuscript sold for millions. But was 'London's Leonardo' buried by another Da Vinci plot? In hot-blooded times, passions explode. History is on trial. Robert Hooke - your time has come.

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Sam & I

Samuel Pepys? … His Diary! … His World!! … His Women!!!

How do you think his wife felt? What was it like being married to a serial sex addict?

In the lifetime of Elizabeth Pepys – a Royal betrayed his wife and installed his mistress whilst Parliament waged an unpopular war igniting public protests on the streets.

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Take the Space {Theatre Company}

We are an artist led company, formed in  2005 and commited to touring original new work of high quality across the whole range of the touring circuit – from the drawing room to the proscenium arch. Our name reflects our hope that we are flexible enough to play any space, that we are financially accessible to all sectors in the community and most of all ..that we thoroughly entertain and inspire our audiences.

Sam & I was our flagship production in 2005. Originally commissioned for The City Of London's Tercentenary Pepys Festival. An ACE award enabled us to tour. “this gem of a show … storytelling of the highest order”

Hanging Hooke followed in 2007, with an ACE award for research and development.“the most wonderful piece of new writing I have seen in years”

Dolce Via, also with an ACE award for research and development, opened in 2009 and now tours alongside our other two shows.

Both Hanging Hooke and Dolce Via are co productions with Guildford’s Yvonne Arnaud Theatre.

We also actively engage in outreach work: workshops generated by material from our productions or specifically related to the art of performance itself or simply focusing on the related skills of performance with members from other professions.


Next Performance

We are in very early development for our new piece just now but we will be out on the road again in the Autumn with HANGING HOOKE. Then in Spring 2015 "STELLA, a story of women, their men and astronomy" will go out for a second tour.  Watch this space for confirmed dates.

On International Women's Day 2012, our writer was asked to write a blog for the Royal Society on Caroline Herschel, one of the characters in Stella. You can read it here.


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