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Hanging Hooke, a new play by Siobhán Nicholas

Christopher Wren loved him

Isaac Newton loathed him



Robert Hooke was curator of experiments for over twenty years at the Royal Society and is now thought by many to be our English Leonardo. A genius of the 17th century; architect, engineer, chemist, horologist, physicist, astronomer, artist, even musician but Hooke provoked intense loyalty, jealousy, controversy and hatred. Was  England's Leonardo buried by another Da Vinci plot? In hot-blooded times, passions explode. History is on trial. Robert Hooke - your time has come.
This tale of intrigue and betrayal explores the captivating C17th world of new science and discovery. Chris Barnes gives "an inspired performance to complement some exceptional writing" { British Theatre Guide]

Performer: Chris Barnes

Direction: Siobhán Nicholas and Chris Barnes

Dramaturge: Annie Castledine
Research Support: Joanna Corden of the Royal Society
Science Mentors: Victoria Gould, John Meaney, Richard Vahrman

Design Consultation and Costumes: Lizzie Wyllie and Gus Munro
Sound: Owen Johnston
Lighting Design: Emily Laurens

Special Thanks to Roger McCann [The Arts Council], Brian Kirk [Guildford's Yvonne Arnaud Theatre], Tony Milner [New Vic Workshop], Chris Jordan {Eastbourne Theatres] Alister and Miranda O'loughlin at The Nightingale Theatre.

Image and Graphics: Ken Hodgson of Good Dog Design